Border Skirmish

My friend and I took an afternoon to continue our education in BattleTech (both of us having just recovered from bouts with COVID). We threw together a couple 4,000 BV Lances (Introductory rules only) and setup a game.

Forces were Stinger (represented by a Wasp), Spider, Centurion, Marauder II vs. Valkyrie, Sentinel, Trebuchet, Victor. The Stinger was destroyed by an AC/20 to the side, Trebuchet had a heat inflicted ammo explosion, Valkyrie destroyed by a cockpit critical, Centurion died by LRM fire, and the Victor fell over many times. Also, fear the jumping Spider that punches your Sentinel from behind. This is where I also learned that if my friend has a target number X, he will inevitably roll an X – 1 on 2d6. This could of course mean he requires a 2 and somehow rolls a 1…

I first played BattleTech in the early 90s, but that means very little in terms of understanding the lore or recognizing any of the ‘Mechs people seem to know at a bare minimum glance. The Sentinel is a ‘Mech I have little to no familiarity with. The Introductory standard STN-3K model comes with an AC/5 and SRM2 (I discount the Small Laser as inconsequential by itself), neither of which I am a particular fan of. With a movement of 6/9, this 40 ton Light ‘Mech is at a disadvantage having a weapon with a minimum range. However, there are models with a Large Laser (3KA) or even PPC (3KB) replacing that AC/5 (and add on more heat sinks) which makes them a more attractive option. It does mount 6 tons (96 pips) of armor, which gives it good staying power against other Light ‘Mechs.

Until next time MechWarriors!

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