Pride Rock

Will any ‘Mech brave the heights (and falls) of Pride Rock?

This skirmish was just a showcase of jump jets and blocking line of sight. My opponent used my Wolf’s Dragoon Lance (Marauder II, Grasshopper, Stinger, Spider) against a scratch-build I threw together (Highlander, Thunderbolt, Mongoose, Mercury). There was quite a conga line going at one point! Speed and hills really came into play as the heavier ‘Mechs could not get into range easily.

The Spider is a favorite ‘Mech of mine. While it is designated as scout, its incredible speed of 8/12/8 means you can easily maneuver it into the back line of the OpFor and take a couple Medium Laser shots plus punch/punch/kick before escaping the way you came. The critical 10 hex run or 7 hex jump makes it very difficult to land return fire–difficult but not impossible. At only 3.5 tons of armor, it is not a ‘Mech you want to dangle as bait, but you can lose both arms and still zombie with the central torso located weapons. Plus it has gigantic thrusters on the backside!

Until next time MechWarriors!


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