Dracs in the Desert

My friend got some Draconis paint on his ‘Mechs, so we had a small battle in the evening. I like thematic forces built along House lines–but how does that actually translate in game? We setup a skirmish between Otomo and Sword of Light Grand Dragon, Panther, and Jenner vs. Marik Wolverine, Lyran Wolfhound, and a stolen Sword of Light Jenner. Light and Medium ‘Mechs only!

This was a tough match for both sides. With no Heavy or Assault ‘Mechs to absorb damage, there was some hyper focus on positioning and ranges. At the end of the day, it came down to terrain. The rough terrain and obstructed sightlines favored my rag-tag group of ‘Mechs compared to the PPC heavier Draconis group. Those Otomo ‘Mechs look absolutely brilliant on the board and on camera though!

The Jenner has occupied a berth at nearly all our general skirmish or group games. An originally exclusive ‘Mech to the Draconis Combine, it is arguably the iconic ‘Mech of the DCMS. Four Medium Lasers and an SRM 4 make for a great loadout and a 7/11/5 movement gives it a lot of speed to work with. You can chase down Light ‘Mechs all day and tear them to shreds. The drawback? Only 10 heat sinks. I prefer the Jenner F model which removes the SRM (and ammo) to add on 3 tons of armor. This nearly doubles the armor coverage in some areas. My only real issue with the ‘Mech… they put the legs on backwards! That is right, it should be a chicken walker!

Until next time MechWarriors!


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