An early misstep by the invaders led to their rout. They doubted our resolve, and now we must make their retreat painful and bloody. It is foolish to consider them defeated, but if we succeed now, we may draw them into the sights of even fiercer defenses.

Scenario track 2 of the Kapteyn Chaos Campaign begins with the Attackers on the run after a loss in the first track. The Defender gets to choose the terrain for this 6 vs. 6 battle royal.

The Kapteyn forces came onto the field with the FedCom defense forces pursuing. Immediately the Kapteyn’s turned around to fight, ambushing their attackers. In the immediate melee, Kapetyn Hunchback was crippled by the concentrated fire, but in turn, the FedCom Victor was set upon. The next moments, the defense Grasshopper that stepped in to block was knocked to the ground and the Victor was cored due to an ammo explosion. The Hunchback began an orderly retreat, but the Kapteyn Raven was ravaged out in the open. Concentrating fire, the Kapteyn’s again set upon the Grasshopper, but the Wolverine was opened up and fell into the water. Compartments flooded and the pilot, Logan, was killed without being able to eject. The Kapteyn’s quit the field in a fighting withdrawal.

While available to most Great Houses during the Succession Wars, the Victor is an iconic Federated Suns Assault ‘Mech. It has good speed (4/6/4 movement) and jump jets to carry it when its legs fail it. The armament is all short range: AC/20, Medium Lasers, and SRM 4. The drawback for the armament and speed is armor. At only 11.5 tons, it is quite under armored for its size category. I was looking forward to using it in the scenario and was able to threaten with the AC/20 effectively, however it did get destroyed in an ammo explosion in the torso (only 20 armor pips in that location). It is a chunky looking ‘Mech, which appeals to my aesthetic!

Until next time MechWarriors!

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