Alien Worlds

It was quite an (unfinished) journey getting items from the Catalyst Game Labs store. After several weeks, I did finally receive my Alien Worlds Battlemat. So barring using it as a giant mouse pad, I got it on the table to play a bit of lostech 2 vs. 2 Heavy ‘Mechs.

This is the first time I managed to get my Kell Hounds (painted by Les) on the table… and also the first time I lost the match in the past five or six games. Warhammer and Archer vs. Lancelot and Crusader and my dice were rolling about average. Meanwhile, my opponent managed to two shot my Lancelot in the head with Medium Pulse, putting me down a ‘Mech by round 3 or 4. I am definitely not familiar enough with lostech/Helm Memory Core, which means I might as well be unprepared for the match! We ran out of time to do any real damage to the remaining three ‘Mechs, but it would be difficult for me to pull a victory without some lucky rolling.

The Lancelot is both a terrible ‘Mech (Introductory) and a great ‘Mech (Standard). The main/only difference lies in its speed. In 3025, it is a 4/6 movement, whereas the XL engine of the Star League model makes it 6/9–the same speed as many Light ‘Mechs! It is still relatively lightly armored for a 60 ton Heavy ‘Mech, but if you are willing to put up with a slightly slower speed and more minimum ranges, the Lancelot 03 is probably the one I would pick. None of those options helps with getting head shot twice though!

Until next time MechWarriors!

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