The Initial Paint

One of the most prolific and sought out ‘Mech painter in my local area is Les Mandeville. So when I finally got my Clan Invasion boxes sorted and figured out, I sought out Les to throw some paint on Wolf’s Dragoons Gamma Regiment.

When I asked Les to paint these, I basically selected them because I knew enough about the Dragoons to be dangerous, but also I like the color scheme–though it does not clearly state what “midnight blue” actually looks like. There are some differing examples on Unit Color Compendium and Camo Specs, but I eventually settled on a color. The color looks very different under different light sources.

I have over half a Battalion worth of Gamma Regiment ‘Mechs at this point, but I may have planted my flag on color schemes too soon. I have no complaints about the quality, but I am having some second thoughts about the color when plastic hits the table…

Robotech comments aside, I chose the Wasp as part of my initial Wolf’s Dragoons paints because of its low BV point cost–I could fit it in as a scout ‘Mech when penny pinching points to build Lances. A single Medium Laser and an SRM 2 are not impressive or dangerous, nor is 3 tons of armor. The usefulness for this ‘Mech comes in with its 6/9/6 movement, which is not all that great compared to a Spider or even the Medium Phoenix Hawk. After a few runs in 3025, I stopped using it altogether. If you can get it to transform into a Veritech Fighter however…

Until next time MechWarriors!

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