Altair Lostech

Small Alice Springs, Altair V
23 April, 3025

An ancient lostech WarShip crashed on Altair has been discovered near the town Small Alice Springs. The desert conditions have made direct landing of a DropShip difficult, but the Capellan Confederation has sent a force of Death Commandos to the planet to secretly secure the prize underneath the Draconis Combine’s noses. As luck would have it, a contingent of the 3rd Swords of Light were on maneuvers near the Terran border and responded to the discovery. The two elite forces are set to arrive and clash over the derelict before a huge sandstorm swallows them all!

This was a “capture the objectives” scenario I designed, based on a few things I read online. We ran into some interesting situations like pushing a ‘Mech off a cliff and firing while prone–none of which we had done before. Again the Locust was the hero ‘Mech, capping two objectives early on to give the Death Commandos an early point lead. Though it was ultimately crippled and forced to withdraw, it did win them the game. It was the first time we tried playing a scenario, rather than a straight skirmish–something different to focus on. The forces were pre-made Lances that will be painted in “iconic” faction colors.

Since it has been mentioned twice, the Crusher Joe Ostall–I mean, Locust–is a basic, fast Light ‘Mech. Pictured above is the 1V model with Medium Laser and Machine Guns. Nearly all the Introductory rules models are under 500 BV, but at 8/12 movement, they are a great ‘Mech to get the backside. This is definitely not a machine you want to get anywhere near an AC/20 toting Assault ‘Mech, but it is great at harassing other Light and Medium units. Keep running and do not get hit!

Until next time MechWarriors!