Last time it was the Dire Wolf Prime, this time it is the Dire Wolf C against a swarm of Light 3025 Inner Sphere ‘Mechs in a showdown to the pain.

A lucky critical roll blew off the Dire Wolf‘s leg, but I still feel the C variant was a better choice for this match-up. The Dire Wolf had less luck intercepting the Light ‘Mechs on the way in, so it was up against a heavier swarm at close range.

What was remarkable about the game however was using Flechs to run all the calculation and rolls. This made running 7 ‘Mechs so much easier. And since I could ignore making my own dice rolls and just pass the information inside the app, I sped up this game significantly. I mean, with some proficiency and practice, you can probably run a 4 vs. 4 game in less than infinity time! Just imagine!

Coming up in the next few posts are a couple commissioned illustrations, a lot of painted ‘Mechs, and a few local game announcements. Until next time MechWarriors!

The Swarm

People discuss “game balance” all the time. Lists created by tonnage or Battle Value (BV) or astrology or animal sacrifice try to create a perfectly even game between two or more teams. This, of course, is not possible, but it still makes for interesting table arguments. To test this (for no good reason other than having some time), I pitted a Dire Wolf Prime against Locust, Stinger, 2 Wasps, Raven, and Commando.

Final result was Wasp, Stinger, Locust, and Commando completely destroyed (center torso), Raven ejected (leg destroyed and gyro hit), and final Wasp disabled (two engine hits, heat overload). The Dire Wolf ejected but salvageable (leg blown off from critical, arm destroyed). The Dire Wolf Prime was probably not the right ‘Mech for this kind of swam challenge, but it was fun to run through.

Right AFTER I played this using pen and paper and dice, I found Flechs. I will go over that beautiful piece of software later.

The Dire Wolf is great. 100 tons of Clan dominance, it has loads of configurations from long range sniping to short range ridiculousness. 19 tons of armor and it still moves faster than an UrbanMech. It also looks great, could flatten your house by sneezing at it sideways, and was called “Great Death” by the DCMS who wet their pants in its presence. Using it against six Inner Sphere Light ‘Mechs was not really what it is meant for, but wow was it satisfying to core them in one shot.

Until next time MechWarriors!