Shelly Brubaker

I’m baaack…!

Actually, I did not go anywhere, but Focht’s News Channel ran two events in two weekends–one store event and one demo event at the CNE Gaming Garage–so things were a bit hectic on the BattleTech side. Also, I am on vacation this week, so I needed to get ahead–who am I kidding, just catching up on paperwork–before taking off and leaving my team on their own.

I do notice that if a skip a few days (or a weeks) of updates, my gaming comments and activities to report on sort of stack up. Since I want to keep this space relatively succinct, I will make up multiple posts to summarize.

So starting with art commissions: There are several more illustrations on the way from different artists fleshing out Wolf’s Dragoons art, but I am also looking for someone to redesign an old ‘Mech to a fresh look–for a future Dragoons commission. Yep, leaning into my units and fandom. So without further ado…

Shelly Brubaker and Nightstar “Brubaker” by Vincentius Matthew

Shelly Brubaker is the Colonel of Wolf’s Dragoons Delta Regiment in the Clan Invasion era. She is charismatic and gregarious, and she pilots the Nightstar “Brubaker”, my favorite ‘Mech of the game. Though she does have a small picture in Operational Turning Points: Falcon Incursion, I wanted to have a full rendering.

Vincentius has done work for me previously on Exploring Eberron and I knew his ability with tech renderings and painting. He did draw her a bit younger than she is portrayed during Coventry, but I did not specify a time–just the MechWarrior and ‘Mech.

Which brings us to the Nightstar. Anyone who knows a bit about my ‘Mech selection knows my preference for chicken walkers and Marauders. So it is probably no surprise my favorite ‘Mech is the sniper juggernaut Nightstar with Gauss Rifles and ER PPC for backup. It is only short half a ton of armor coverage compared to the Marauder II or Atlas and it can damage project to pretty annoying ranges. The “Brubaker” variant has Clan Large Pulse Lasers, so it is deadly a long range and annoyingly accurate when you try to close. My only regret… I have not been able to play it during the Introductory games. But Standard soon…

Until next time MechWarriors!

All Things Being Equal

Equal Battle Value (BV) does not mean equal forces.

My favorite ‘Mech, the Nightstar, does not have an Introductory rules version. However, I got to use it in a small skirmish between Nightstar and Centurion vs. Conjurer and Kit Fox. On paper, the BV are pretty close, but as you know, BV does not tell the whole story. It was a decidedly one-sided fight–for the Inner Sphere for once! I do want to thank my friend for letting be bring out the big guns. Our group is still learning the game so we do not use anything but Introductory rules ‘Mechs for the time being.

You will also notice my ‘Mechs are fully painted! Wolf’s Dragoons Gamma Regiment and Clan Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy, done by Les Mandeville.

I cannot explain why, but I do not particularly like the Centurion. On paper, it has a great combination of weapons: AC/10, LRM 10, and a couple of lasers. It has good armor for a Medium ‘Mech (8 tons for the CN9-A model). The CN9-AL model replaces the AC/10 with a Large Laser, adds more heat sinks and armor, making it quite a brawler. However, I find the ‘Mech too slow. Without jump jets, it has to plod around at 4/6 movement and in the multiple times I have used it, it just gets pummeled (crippled or destroyed every time). However, that might just be me putting it out as bait…

Until next time MechWarriors!