Kapteyn Withdrawal

After several hard fought engagements, the Kapteyn forces found themselves at a disadvantage and pushed into the jaws of the planet’s heaviest defensive position. The commanders conferred, and rather than grind their remaining units against the walls of a fortress, sounded a recall order to the DropShips and left Rigil Kentarus. Does this mean the end of the Kapteyn Accords?

After speaking with the players and seeing the results of the last scenario track (I believe the words “curb stomped” were used repeatedly), the Kapteyn Group has retired from the field. The final track would have pitted the two Companies against each other, with the Defenders in a fixed position. However, the Attackers had already lost 3 Mechs and lost 2 tracks in a row, they were down Warchest points, and would probably not recover.

Incidentally, I asked around to a few more veteran players and no one uses or is familiar with the Warchest or Chaos Campaign system, generally just making up their own rules for campaigns. I did find trying to adhere to the rules as written in the book were confusing, not realistic, and unclear or clearly untested. There were definitely some rules missing.

I prepared a new campaign with some interlinked points and we will probably start play in September. We will take August to build a Company list for the players.

The Super Valkyrie–did I use that joke already? Aside from the lawsuit inducing similarities to another intellectual property, the Phoenix Hawk is the fastest Introductory Medium ‘Mech available. With a movement of 6/9/6 it can compete with many of the Light scouts. It also has a Large Laser for medium range engagements and 8 tons of armor on a 45 ton ‘Mech. However, in practice, its limited amount of heat sinks come into play often as the jump jets overtax the heat system, reducing the number of weapons you can fire safely. The ‘Mech works well in close and point-blank range. Also, it is the Super Valkyrie! Nostalgia…

Until next time MechWarriors!