Wilhelmina Korsht

Last time, I mentioned both Wolf’s Dragoons and illustrations in the same post. There is a reason for that. I recently contacted BattleTech cover artist Tan Ho Sim for a commission of Wilhelmina Korsht, Colonel of Gamma Regiment.

Wilhelmina Korsht and Marauder II by Tan Ho Sim

BattleTech being a game of stompy robots means ‘Mechs are well represented and drawn (the ones that do not look like a rubber ducky), but maybe the pilots do not get their full due. Of course, MechWarriors in their cooling vests look ridiculous, but hundreds of years of history leaves many un-depicted. Wolf’s Dragoons being my faction, my forces might as well have a face for the commander.

This was actually a difficult composition at first, if you consider how large a BattleMech actually is. I wanted the pilot to be the focus of the image, but you really cannot do that without the person being away from the ‘Mech–it is just too damned big–and you lose detail on the person. Originally I wanted her sitting on the ‘Mech’s shoulder… you can see how that would not work. Tan came up with several alternative compositions and was incredibly easy to work with. In my other, other, (other?) life, I have the mantle of Art Director so I appreciate solution-oriented artists.

The Marauder II (not to be confused with the Marauder, Nightstar, Marauder IIC, or any other various Marauder-style ‘Mechs) is an incredibly powerful Introductory ‘Mech. Twin PPCs and a Large Laser are backed up by a couple Medium Lasers, which means this 100 ton monster hits at all ranges. 19 tons of armor and it has no ammunition stores to worry about, it still has 3 jump jets and enough heat sinks to piss off opponents. This is also a Wolf’s Dragoons exclusive ‘Mech historically, a nice little upgrade of Marauder. It definitely gets better in the Clan Invasion era with lostech applied. A few of my friends have experienced the stompy nature of this machine, so I will have more to say about it in the future as well!

Until next time MechWarriors!