Last time it was the Dire Wolf Prime, this time it is the Dire Wolf C against a swarm of Light 3025 Inner Sphere ‘Mechs in a showdown to the pain.

A lucky critical roll blew off the Dire Wolf‘s leg, but I still feel the C variant was a better choice for this match-up. The Dire Wolf had less luck intercepting the Light ‘Mechs on the way in, so it was up against a heavier swarm at close range.

What was remarkable about the game however was using Flechs to run all the calculation and rolls. This made running 7 ‘Mechs so much easier. And since I could ignore making my own dice rolls and just pass the information inside the app, I sped up this game significantly. I mean, with some proficiency and practice, you can probably run a 4 vs. 4 game in less than infinity time! Just imagine!

Coming up in the next few posts are a couple commissioned illustrations, a lot of painted ‘Mechs, and a few local game announcements. Until next time MechWarriors!

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